Drain blockage is a common issue but if untreated it can lead to costly repairs overall. The block can occur in any drain inside your home, if you use natural cleaning products to clean by yourself it’s good but for severe clogs you may need professional help. If you can detect where the clog is located, you can try to dislodge a clog using the tools. Without the knowledge of handling the tools, you can’t fix the plumbing issues as it will create negative effects on your home.

Common Drain cleaning mistakes are,

Using Chemical Drain Cleaners

The drain cleaning chemicals will work out and react faster to break up clogs. But the overuse or misuse of chemicals can actually harm the pipelines. For emergencies it may work good, but it can’t be used for long-term drain cleaning and clearing solutions. 

The chemical drain cleaners are a complete mix of harsh ingredients that can corrode and deteriorate pipes.  This often leads to costly pipe replacement and repair. Instead of spending money for harmful chemical products try using natural, organic ingredients to make eco-friendly drain cleaners at home. Use baking soda, vinegar, and other natural ingredients.

Improper Plunger Use

Before using the plunger, the homeowner must know the right way to use it, otherwise it can lead to bigger problems. You may think that using a plunger on a clogged drain may be a simple task, but improper usage will create an issue.  There are two types, sink plungers and toilet plungers.

A sink plunger is flat on the bottom, while a toilet plunger has a bell shaped bottom. While plunging a toilet it’s not necessary to plunge up and down at a fast pace. 

Plunging too fast will end up getting dirty water flung out of the toilet and the floor.  To plunge properly, ensure that the plunger is in place, with the drain completely sealed. Then gently plunge up and down, making sure to keep the bottom of the plunger sealed to the drain.

Using A Drain Snake Incorrectly

The mechanical snake is a great tool only if used properly. If you put a lot of pressure in the snakes then it may damage the lining of your plumbing. This common drain cleaning mistake has become a huge issue. If you use a power drill to spin the metal cable within your pipes it can create great damage. The functionality of the pipe is just to transport water and liquid waste. The frequent use of a drain snake will cause problems with your pipes, which lead to expensive repairs in the future.

If your DIY technique doesn’t succeed, hire a professional as they know how to use the right tools to work on your home’s plumbing. Both with PVC fittings and older metal pipes, if you fail to use the right tool, you can easily damage them. Don’t use household tools as it can make the process more difficult to assess and repair any problems.