01 September 2014

Something for September

Hi there!  If you are here because you still have faith I will one day blog again - thank you.  So much.  I do actually have intentions to pick things back up around here eventually, but I just can't swing the time investment at the moment.  The nights and weekends I used to dedicate to blogging have been replaced by work in calligraphy and photography, and I can't wait to share more about that with you soon.  

If you are here for the September calendar graphic Sawyer and I dreamed up for you - you're in the right place.  Both of us are pretty excited to bring our minds and creativity together in a new way.  We hope you enjoy this gorgeous California beach scene (shot by Sawyer) and my calligraphy all the month long!  

Also, we are hosting a giveaway on Instagram.  Just share this image and tag us  @royal_marigold & @sawyerbaird and use the hashtag # for a chance to win this as a 13" x 9" professional print!

22 June 2014

Coconut Lime Mint Chiller

Holy refreshing!  This cold, green sweet sipper packs a punch of flavor and feels so cool going down.  When I saw a similar drink in Good Housekeepings July issue (no link yet), I decided to make my own version with a little more coconut power.  Man is is perfect for a warm summer evening!  Tzzing.  

| makes 2 small drinks |

. 3/4 cup Coconut sorbet .
 . 1/4 cup fresh mint leaves  | more or less to taste| .
. Juice of 1 lime .

Combine all ingredients in blender and puree for about 30 seconds (or more depending on blender performance).  Drink should be like a thin smoothie, add more sorbet or frozen coconut milk (use ice cube tray) for a thicker concoction!

20 June 2014

Vintage picnic styled session

Laci and John's engagement session is on 100 Layer Cake today! 
When my photographer friend slash creative sidekick Sawyer Baird asked me to style this shoot set in the mountains of north Georgia I was excited from the word go.  The lush green land was the perfect backdrop for soft florals and a romantic evening picnic. And our vintage VW bug?  Sweetness overload - complete with wild roses to doll it up. See more over at 100 Layer Cake today!
Looking for my calligraphy & floral site?  Hop over here: www.brushandpetal.com

05 June 2014

Summer bedroom - slimming down

When the heat of summer finally rolls around, I begin to treat my house like I do my wardrobe.  I just want to shed all the layers and make everything light and airy, like a chiffon tank top.  So yesterday I finally made it a priority to "summer-fy" some of the house.  When it came to the bedroom, I was so ready to ditch the down comforter and heavy pillow covers.  I replaced the comforter with a light throw in pure clean white and the pillow covers went black and white. The warm woven blanket at the foot of the bed was replaced with a lighter serape. I switched the bed sheet to a soft mist grey (from a deep smoky grey) and snipped some bright green foliage for our bedside tables.  I  added some pieces from nature to the wall in the form of some feathers & a gold leaf from our wedding, along with a calligraphy piece I just made.  Many of the candles got stashed away until autumn and I hid away some jewelry too for an all around more streamlined look.  I feel 10 degrees cooler just looking at it in its new cleaner state!  How do you freshen your home for this season? 

 Fluffy approves